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W.A.I.T.! (Why Am I Talking?)

There’s a rule of sevens in marketing that says someone needs to hear your name seven times before they take an action. But if they hear it seven times and you're not saying anything useful, I think that’s worse than not saying anything. Which is why I haven’t blogged in a while -- because I haven't had anything really important to say. Or more important than getting the word out about my clients' work.

So I W.A.I.T.ed.

I learned about W.A.I.T. when I was the Director of Communications at Philabundance because meetings were long and plentiful and sometimes, painful. Then someone brought this great diagram to a meeting and it changed how I approached meetings. And hopefully, how some others did, too. Maybe you want to print or bookmark or pin this for your team. Hopefully they'll get the hint.

Anyway, back to the reason for this blog, the first in a brief series of posts around directing public relations for the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, including lessons learned from successfully publicizing a sold-out, 10,000 person conference in which keynote speakers, like Tina Fey, were unavailable for interview. And one post will solely be on Tina Fey's keynote and what from 30 Rock was taken from real life (hint: lots).

Did I say Tina Fey enough? Unsure that's possible.

So here's picture #1 of me and Tina and my mom in a killer RBG sweater, which Tina commented on and 🥰.

Usually I would not post a pic where I'm making a weird face, but no one is likely looking at me anyway.

And the backstory is that I had thought for a month about what I'd say when I met Tina Fey. I finally decided on a "deep cut" quote from 30 Rock that I could barely get out -- so she finished it! -- and we both laughed.

I quoted: “You are my heroine. And by heroine I mean lady hero. I don’t want to inject you and listen to jazz.”

That laugh is worth a picture with a weird face, right?

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