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Never. Taking. Vacation. Again.

OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But when you're an entrepreneur, there is no PTO. So sometimes, even though you need it, it’s hard to justify taking time off. One day here and there for mental health is a little bit easier to swallow than going for a multi-day vacation and coming back to a 100-email deep inbox with things people could have easily done themselves when you were gone, but, you know, they didn't.

That said, we had an awesome vacation this week to Lancaster and visited Dutch Wonderland, stayed at a fantastic resort, and spent three days swimming, visiting kid-friendly sites, and even sleeping! Since I missed a few days of work, though, I also lost that pay. While I, of course, don't regret the time off and the memories we made, it may impact my bottom line.

Short but great trip for an entrepreneur and family
Z got hands on at the Hands On House

So far, that’s one of the only downsides of owning my own business. (Oh, and the U.S. healthcare system is atrocious and the exchange is expensive and difficult to navigate.) But I have learned a ton in the past two months, and tackled new challenges, and realized that, just like how I started this business, I jumped right in without talking about how I got here.

So this is a #ThankfulThursday post/love letter to my clients, whose support and faith enabled me to go on my own, and make a difference by helping others achieve good communications (and achieve good.)

About a year ago, a friend connected me to his friend who was in need of a nonprofit communicator for A Little Better Company. It was then that I embarked upon one of my professional goals: to be on the other side of the grant-making process. I can’t get into the specifics of that project yet, although it is launching soon, and I will spread the word far and wide, when I'm able. (But nonprofits take note: anyone who says there's no such thing as a free website is wrong!) I've also done strategy and visibility work for nonprofit clients, and socially responsible for-profits doing good for the world.

My second client was HL Strategy which sought someone with nonprofit expertise, and offered me multiple mission-driven clients. The work is consistent, challenging, and helps to make the world a better place -- all the things I look for in a client. Measures for Justice helps bring transparency to our legal system through data collection. And Purpose Built Communities has a model for neighborhood revitalization that is providing pathways to prosperity by breaking the cycle of poverty.

Most recently, I worked on a project with the incomparable, Ricki Weisberg of Bird Hill PR, another mompreneur whose energy and enthusiasm has helped spark my creativity and build my knowledge all while helping folks who want to start their own nonprofits.

I have a few new business proposals out right now, and potential work with other agencies, so I hope to have more on those in the future.

But in the meantime, please learn more about these amazing groups doing amazing things for the greater good. And let me know or you know of someone who needs help planning, creating, or connecting to achieve good.

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