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The Power of Positive Thinking

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

On May 10, I was on the nationally-televised ABC Tamron Hall show. I participated in a segment on the Philly Mompreneurs, and three of the group of about 25 of us went. I had the honor of being on TV with Beth Auguste, owner of Be Well With Beth, whom I've known since our daughters were born, and Bo Zhao, an amazing mom I met last month at an event and founder of Baby Gear Group.

I'll cut to the chase: when I went to bed that night, I felt two things: One, I need an eye job; and two, I did a terrible job. Why did I feel that way? Well, it doesn't entirely matter now, because when I woke up, something shifted.

The night of May 10, when I talked about the experience to my family, I focused more on my perceived failures -- what I wore, how I sat, what I said, what I didn't say. But the next day, I felt great. I let positive thinking take over. What's the point in stewing about something I can't change? Instead, I decided to own it. Talking to people today, I had no negatives to report. Because it was a positive experience, and that's how I wanted to frame it, positively.

And that's how I want to communicate it to you.

  • It was an AMAZING opportunity personally and professionally, allowing me to build my brand and share gratitude for those who helped my launch my business

  • The weather was truly glorious, and I got to explore the city where I lived for more than a decade, but where I hadn't been in three years

  • I had my own dressing room -- bigger than one of my NY apartments -- and got my hair and make up done

  • Tamron was lovely, and gave our group an unexpected and generous gift of $5k!

  • I had a relaxing and fun trip to NY with some kick-ass moms, excellent tapas a king sized bed to myself, and some pampering and alone time

I now feel amazing about this unique experience I'll always remember -- the culmination of a crazy, exciting, whirlwind of a business launch, resulting in likely the highest visibility I may ever have. I'm so grateful.

As for the pivot in perspective, I think it's easy to see why it was easier for me to go down the doom-and-gloom rabbit hole instead of celebrate my success: as women, and especially as moms, we're really hard on ourselves. Yes, I checked off seven tasks on my list today, but there are three tasks I didn't accomplish. I look old. I look tired. I look fat. I want to say something in this meeting but I'm afraid I'll come off as bossy or bitchy. Being a woman is hard.

Which is why support like this mompreneur group on which we shined a spotlight is so important -- women lifting up other women and giving them confidence is crucial to our mental health, our collective success, and in us getting shit done.

Thanks again to Al Lubrano for writing the article that led to this opportunity, the mompreneurs for giving me the courage and tools I need to succeed, my husband and my mom for their support every day, and to Z, without whom I wouldn't be a mom or mompreneur or as deliriously happy as I am today.

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