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Communications Co. 



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A Word Nerd From Way Back 

My mother was an English teacher and my grandmother was a puzzle addict so words are in my DNA.


Communications-wise, I've worked on it all: advertising; affiliate marketing; storytelling; messaging; events; public relations; shoots; campaigns; social; branding; partnership development; and everything in between and above and beyond (as most comms folks do.)

Achieving Good Communications Company is my way to focus on the things I'm good at, that make me happy and challenge me, with people and brands I like, all for the common good.

​I've worked on some cool things over the years that have gotten a lot of attention and helped people; I'd love to hear what you're working on and how I can help you achieve your goals.

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With 20+ years of experience in nonprofit and socially responsible for-profit communications, it's hard to narrow down my favorite work. I've highlighted some of the most impactful -- and fun -- projects, campaigns, and interviews from my career, including TV shoots I've secured (and been in!), events I've helped plan, and stories I've written. 

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"Stef is a magical combination of PR guru and general do-gooder. She seems to know every media person in Philadelphia and somehow also knows what makes each respective outlet tick - which means that she delivers pitches that get picked up! 

Stef truly exemplifies her business name. She "achieve(d) good' when she brought stories of my mompreneur group to the media simply because she saw it as a good and worthy cause. 

When Stef joined me and other members of the Philly Mompreneurs group she blew us up -  in a very good way! Within just a few weeks we were featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer which led to a scouting call from Tamron Hall (where I had my first ever speaking engagement in front of a national audience!), and our group's community day of giving was filmed for nbc10. 


It was because of her that we received a 5k gift to put toward building a mompreneur nonprofit.


Not only did Stef set in motion these fantastic opportunities for our group, but she did her research. Stef helped me prepare for my national TV debut by coaching me through what to expect while filming the segment and helping me prepare talking points. 


If you'd like to achieve good with your business, hire Stef."

"We hired Achieving Good Communications to write a script for our gala video -- and we got so much more! We’ve struggled over the years trying to create the messaging for this type of work in house, so we decided it was time to hire a pro.


Not only did Stef do a great job finding the best stories to tell, and a compelling way to tell it, but she helped craft a video that moved people and in turn, helped raise money for our mission. Beyond Stef’s incredible script-writing ability and on-site production, she took this project one step further. She was so touched by one of our client's plights that she secured PR for he and his daughter that spurred life-changing support and donations. We are looking forward to working with Stef again!”

- Elvera Schwartz

Jewish Relief Agency

- Beth Auguste

Be Well With Beth

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